Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 things that will help me lose weight

note to self: bookmark this post for future reference.

to help reach my weight-loss goals, i made a list of things to add to my daily/weekly/monthly routine.  i fully understand that habits aren't formed overnight, that rome wasn't built in a day, and that the tortoise beats the hare every. single. time.  blah blah blah, i get it: old habits die hard and new ones are illusive, slippery little suckers.  in order to avoid the trap of too much, too fast, too soon, i will focus on one item at a time.  once something becomes second nature, i will move on to something new. so yeah, here's the list i came up with on my lunch break:
  1. drink 80 ounces of water / day
  2. sleep more than 7 hours / night
  3. take vitamins daily
  4. keep a food journal
  5. run 15 miles / week
  6. strength train 3 times / week
  7. meditate every morning
  8. journal every night
  9. plan meals ahead of time
  10. monthly fitness assessments

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