Monday, September 22, 2014

weekly goal - meal tracking

this week i'm going to focus on tracking my meals. i will not be neurotic about this.  anything that enters my mouth, will also enter my food journal. i will not be neurotic about this.  i will simply jot down calorie estimates in this adorable new notepad that i picked up at the vera bradley outlet.  did i mention that i will not be neurotic about this?

p.s. i'm still going strong with operation drink-more-water. i even created game to make drinking “fun.” whenever i take a sip from my giant water bottle, i like to see how long i can go before stopping to take a breath. right now my record is 16 ounces. *insert fist pump emoji*

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  1. I've started operation drink-more-water this week and have given up the meal tracking, hahaha. What a cute notebook!