Thursday, October 2, 2014

texting etiquette: three word rule

body language and tonality are such an important part of  communication. however these factors are basically nonexistent when it comes to texting, which makes it so easy for words to be misinterpreted.  enter the three-word texting rule:
use at least three words in a text message.  it’s harder to accidentally sound mean or angry when you use a few extra words. (source)
so simple yet so genius!  i've been making a conscious effort to employ this 'life hack,' and it has seriously improved my texting game.

how i've been upgrading my typical texts
hey --> oh hey there!  ...good morning lovely!
whats up --> how's it going?  ...what're you up to?
nm u --> just left work. how's life?
bye --> L8R G8R *insert alligator emoji* ...gotta run, but i'll talk to you later
k  --> okay, sounds good ...okay, just let me know ...okey dokey artichokey (lol, i've never used that last one, but i might just start)

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  1. love this post and totally agree -- 3 word minimum please!