Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bucket list: summer travel

the summertime is travel time.  since i have a monday-through-friday, 9-to-5 job, i can't jet off around the world for months on end (as much as i would loveee to do that!)  instead, i must settle for weekend trips in places that my wonderfully amazing friends live; they offer me a spot their lovely couches for nothing but laughs and snuggles in return.  oh the life broke post-grad...  but i am definitely not complaining.  these trips are fucking awesome!

summer 2014 weekend trips:
1. martha's vineyard, MA
2. burlington, vt
3. Philadelphia, pa
4. atlantic city, nj
5. baltimore, md
6. new york, ny
7. montreal, ca
8. washington d.c.

do you have any fun trips planned for this summer?


  1. There's this thing called Midsommar in Sweden, the longest day of the year, and I'm DYING to go ! I swear I have to get mt feet to Sweden as soon as possible! That's my planned trip :) And I think I'll be doing some weeked getaways all around Germany (Dresden is on my list since September, and I want to go to Hamburg again)
    I'll be waiting for the Montreal pics! I'm completely fascinated by canadian landscapes :) :)
    Much love xxx savoreachbite

    1. Andy-
      Oooh Midsommar sounds fun! I love to see how different cultures celebrate different things. If you go, definitely take lots of pictures for your blog :)
      I know it's not in the summer, but I would love to experience Oktoberfest in Germany. I think that would be so so so cool! I was there for Carnival this year, and it was unreal.
      And yes to the Montreal pictures. I plan on doing a separate post for each trip (as long as laziness doesn't take over lol)

  2. Can you believe, I've never been to Oktoberfest!!!!! I always end up missing it! I'm not too excited to have to deal with blind-drunk germans though ;) But I'll see to going this year, make it a virtual pinky promise! Carnival IS amazing, I'd like to go to the original one in Cologne. Now that I think about it, I think I've been doing the tourist-in-germany thing wrong ;D

  3. I hope to travel somewhere this summer! Your list looks like a lot of fun.