Friday, May 23, 2014

happiness is a three-day weekend

cheers to white pants, standstill traffic, and overcrowded beaches! that's right, it's memorial day weekend aka the unofficial start of summer. per tradition, i'm scrambling to make plans while coming to terms with the fact that last year's summer clothes are two sizes too small. what are you up to this weekend?

10 german words with no english equivalent.  currently feeling: torschlusspanik.

this is why i love sophia vergara.

how i feel about cancelled plans.

lol... alec baldwin's preschool report card.

considered buying canned unicorn meat, but then i read the reviews and thought twice.


  1. envy over your long weekend! enjoy it

  2. Hope you had a wonderful memorial weekend! My problem with summer beginning is that I hate last year's summer clothes, so I always end up buying new ones, and then next year comes and just repeat the whole cycle.
    Andy savor each bite