Thursday, May 22, 2014

excuses, excuses, excuses

reasons i didn't start a blog sooner:
  • all the good names were taken.
  • i don't have a fancy schmancy camera and i'm too poor to afford photoshop.
  • sometimes my thoughts are too dark for the frilly and light-hearted world of blogging.
  • sometimes my thoughts are too superficial for the smart and noteworthy world of blogging.
  • everything that's worth writing about has already been written about at least 10 different ways. if i read one more article about embracing your twenties, i'm going to pull my eyebrows out (just kidding, i love those articles! keep 'em coming)
  • writer's block leads to random content. exhibit a: this post that you're reading right now.
  • would it be distracting if i use all lowercase letters? ...but i like lowercase letters.
  • choosing a theme is difficult for an indecisive soul like myself. lifestyle? preppy? weight loss? food? fashion? travel? #toomanychoices
  • i'm a perfectionist and rarely satisfied with anything i do/create.
  • and of course, the dreaded... what if people don't like me!?
oh! and another major dilemma: how do people find time for blogging? it's like a full-time job... except i can't add it to my resume ...and i don't get paid. the struggle is real.


  1. I love how you're so geniune! Your blog is becoming part of my daily reads!
    xx Andy savor each bite

    1. aw thanks so much, andy! you have no idea how happy your comment makes me :)