Monday, May 12, 2014

new kid on the blog

okay, i did it. i started a blog.

now what? when do people start commenting and telling me how cool/witty/relatable i am?  where can i get my hands on that cool stuff that the "real bloggers" always seem to be giving away? and how long until the sponsors start rolling in so i can quit my day job?

haha kidding! i know better than that. word on the street is that blogging is no joke; it's not easy being seen, and blog-fame is rare. oh well, looks like it's time to put on my serious writer disguise and get to work.  someone bring me black coffee, a pack of marlboro reds, and my moleskin notebook with the dog eared pages. this blog isn't going to write itself.

and while you're here, you mind as well make yourself useful.  introduce yourself in the comments.  where is your blogging home? i'd love to stop by for some good-natured banter and pleasantries. after all, us internet-dwellers have to stick together :)


  1. Hi Ani! Thanks for your comment today! Let me know if you figure out where those sponsors are when you find them ;)

  2. Hey Ani! Glad you liked that playlist. :)
    Welcome to the blogosphere! glad to have ya!

    Ana at

  3. Yay! Welcome to blogging! I got a lot of tips from Pinterest that helped my blog grow - and my blog still isn't that big like some bloggers. You can find me on Pinterest if you look for my blog name or there is a link directly to it on my blog page. I joined a community Pinterest board all about blogging and people pin the best stuff!!

  4. Hi Ani, welcome aboard!
    I'm Andrea, often referred as Andy (yes it's a boy's name but it kinda sticked with me and I love it), I'm student in Berlin basically trying to keep up with life. What about you? I just started seriously blogging this year, so I'm kinda new to this too. Some HTML will come in handy, you'll see that everywhere :) Feel free to pass by my blog.

    Andy, Savor each bite

  5. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by today :) Welcome to blog land. First of all I suggest that you change your email settings because you are a no reply commenter. I don't have the exact directions but you can definitely look it up. That way I can email you back in response when you comment on my blog :) and of course others can do the same.