Tuesday, May 13, 2014

coming up with a blog name is hard to do

over the past month i kept a list of potential blog names on the back of receipts, in the notes section of my iphone, and on random memo pads at work.  other title considerations for this space included, but were not limited to:
  • not another twenty-something blog
  • my life as mrs. netflix
  • caffeine-fueled ramblings
  • ani versus life
  • lifestyle of the broke and the obscure
  • make mine a double
  • how to fake it in the real world
  • a girl and her coffee: a love story
  • #nevergrowingup
  • does this blog make me look fat?
  • insert explicative here
  • cat lady in training
  • nutella is a food group
  • do they have this in black?
  • generation double-u tee eff
  • overweight & underemployed
  • Freshman at life
  • crumbs in my bed
  • do it for the blog post
  • all this happened, more or less
so yeah, after all that time brainstorming and trying to come up with a title that screamed read-me-i'm-witty-funny-and-cool, i decided to keep it simple. and that, my friends, is how the ani project was born.

i'm curious: where did you get the inspiration for your blog title?  what were some alternatives that didn't quite make the cut?


  1. Simple is the best! I thought of lots of good names, but they were all taken. I ended up going with Waffling because it expresses my inability to make decisions and my ability to blather on for ages :)

  2. I like the name. Mine isn't too special I just thought of it within ten minutes or so of creating my blog. I know really creative.

  3. I like the name :)

    Mine is just an old high school advice column name that I sort of just went with haha!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  4. Love the blog name, it's like a movie title! Weirdest thing, I got mine from a song, The Wicked End from Avenged Sevenfold (now if you hear that band and see this petite latina you just don't make the connection but it's still one of my favorite bands.) The line goes "Dust the apple off, savor each bite, and deep inside you know Adam was right." It kinda means that you should enjoy every sinning moment? I have no idea, but right now it feels like an alternate version of Carpe diem: savor each bite, enjoy every moment, and that's kinda my motto.
    Andy savor each bite