Friday, May 16, 2014

welcome to my corner of the internet

hi my name is ani and i'm a blog-aholic.  just kidding! i'm new to the blog-o-sphere, and i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing with my life this blog.  but despite my cluelesness and blatant insecurities that are thinly veiled by self-depricating attempts at humor, i'm pretty cool once you get to know me.  i swear! be my friend?

oh god, this post is starting to reek of desperation. i'm having flashbacks to my first day at a new middle school three months into 7th grade.  wire glasses, frizzy hair, and acne, oh my!

i digress...

the whole point of this post is to beg ask for blogging tips from the experts*  leave your words of wisdom in the comments below and i will be forever grateful. thanks in advance!

*the experts = you! aka anyone who: currently has a blog, use to have a blog, plans on having a blog, reads blogs for fun, knows how to read, and/or is currently breathing.


  1. Hi Ani, I'm def no blog expert, but I always try to post regularly (like the TED Talk Tuesday!) and always leave a link to my blog in every comment I make in other blogs. It's also helpful to have all social media linked up, and lots of pictures :) Like I said, HTML will be your friend :) Maxie from ilo inspired has a great post in Carly's blog here
    Andy @Savor each bite

    1. Ooh great advice, thanks so much! I think photos and social media will be my next step. I don't know whether to set up a twitter and instagram solely for the blog, or if I should just like it to all of my personal accounts. Also, thanks for sharing that post by Maxie. I absolutely loved her tips for newbie bloggers. I even added it to my bookmarks :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you write about! My best advice would be to post on a regular basis (the same time every day or if you don't post every day then the same day every week), comment on other peoples blog, and write about the things you enjoy!


    1. Ooh good call! I'm so terrible with consistency, but I noticed that blogger lets you schedule posts ahead of time; Maybe I'll try that? Hmm I wonder what the best time to post is? I should probably google that... Anyway many thanks for the advice, it is much appreciated :)