Monday, September 29, 2014

how I gained 5 pounds in two days

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  MINE WAS VERY EVENTFUL; SO eventful, IN FACT, THAT I DIDN'T STOP TO TAKE ANY PICTURES EXCEPT FOR THE ONE ABOVE (NOTE THE GATORADE: A HANGOVER ESSENTIAL). And yes, as the title of this post suggests I managed to gain FIVE pounds!!!  a few buzzwords from my trip to boston include:
drunk jeopardy playing. Nail painting. early morning tailgating. cornholing. mimosa drinking. burger grilling. beer shotgunning. Wine tasting. fence climbing. surprise engagement partying. Balloon blowing. Streamer hanging. Cake throwing. Ice luge-ing. Champagne toasting. brunching. wild Dancing. TINDERING. Breakfast eating. Gatorade chugging. Book clubbing.
it was a great time with greaT people!  as you can probably infer, food journaling kindaaa sorta definitely took the back seat this weekend.  i did, however, track consistently monday through friday! add me on myfitnesspal: anidanielle

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