Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a versus blogging

in an attempt to be proactive, i've created a list of things that i need to work on.  these topics will appear in most, if not all, of my posts.  after all, this is a lifestyle blog. and yes, a = me...

a vs. the world
a vs. finances
a vs. fashion
a vs. friends
a vs. weight
a vs. family
a vs. travel
a vs. goals
a vs. likes
a vs. food
a vs. boys
a vs. music
a vs. dreams
a vs. thoughts

a vs. a
a vs. life
a vs. ?

i feel like i'm in one of the most difficult stages of my life right now [ed. note: i'm pretty sure 99% of the population says this, regardless of age, gender or status in life].

as a twenty-something college graduate, i realize that there is a whole world of possibility out there. now if i could only get my shit together.  because right now, it is not together; not professionally, not socially, and definitely not financially. it's kinda, sorta freaking me out.

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