Friday, June 8, 2018

Life Lately

Hey there! Long time, no write. Lots has happened since my last check in. Here are the high (and low) lights:
-moved in with my boyfriend
-started a new job
-gained 25 poundS

Now, here I am. Age 26. 165 pounds. 5 feet, 6 inches. $288.14 in my bank account. Looking for an outlet for my thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

Do you ever get the feeling that life is passing by and you’re nOt really living it? Thats what the past twelve months have felt like.

But i’m Not here to dwell on the past. I’m ready to make a change and get out of this extended slump once and for all.

And So begins the next chapter of the Ani project...

Monday, January 12, 2015

this year, i resolve to...

  • become proficient in photoshop and illustrator
  • take a photography class
  • create an online portfolio
  • incorporate routines that support a healthy lifestyle
  • reach my ultimate goal weight (135 lbs)
  • run a half marathon
  • give more genuine compliments
  • smile at strangers, maybe even say hello to handsome strangers
  • be open to conversations (as painful as small talk may be)
bonus: move to a city (new york? boston? washington dc, perhaps?)

what are your resolutions for 2015?

(image source: free people blog)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 month fitness evaluation

my three month evaluation was the week before thanksgiving (thank goodness!) today, i am excited to share the results. highlight of the month: breaking 150lbs for the first time since puberty!!!

the basics
weight: 147 pounds (-14.0 lbs)
body fat: 23.8% (-5.8%)
bmi: 23.8 (normal)
height: 5' 6"

neck: 12.25 inches (0.0)
chest: 36.5 inches (-2.0)
waist: 30.5 inches (-5.5)
hips: 38.25 inches (-3.25)
arm: 10.0 inches (-1.0)
thigh: 22.25 inches (-1.25)

total lost: -13.00 inches (since august)

push ups: 24 (+7)
wall sit: 150 seconds (+65)
plank: 126 seconds (+38)

p.s. starting stats, one month, and two months

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2 month fitness evaluation

a couple of weeks ago, i had my two month fitness evaluation.  today, i would like to share the results with you.  this month's highlight was finally breaking into the 'normal' BMi category!!!

the basics
weight: 153 pounds (-8.0 lbs)
body fat: 27.1% (-2.5%)
bmi: 24.7 (normal)
height: 5' 6"

neck: 13.0 inches (0.0)
chest: 37.0 inches (-1.5)
waist:31 inches (-5.0)
hips: 39.0 inches (-2.5)
arm: 10.75 inches (-0.25)
thigh: 21.5 inches (-2.0)

total lost: -11.25 inches (since August)

pushups: 22 (+5)
wall sit: 180 seconds (+95)
plank: 106 seconds (+18)

p.s. starting stats and one month fitness assessment

Monday, October 27, 2014

the dating project

i've decided that once i weigh less than 150 pounds, i will dabble in the online dating pool.  up to this point, i've always attributed my lack of relationship to my crippling insecurities.  lately, however, i've been itching to give "real" adult dating a try.  i'll post all of my experiences (good and bad) on this lil blog.

so yeah, that will be my next phase of the ani project: dating, eek!
phase 1: body
phase 2: boys
do you have any dating site recommendations? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

texting etiquette: three word rule

body language and tonality are such an important part of  communication. however these factors are basically nonexistent when it comes to texting, which makes it so easy for words to be misinterpreted.  enter the three-word texting rule:
use at least three words in a text message.  it’s harder to accidentally sound mean or angry when you use a few extra words. (source)
so simple yet so genius!  i've been making a conscious effort to employ this 'life hack,' and it has seriously improved my texting game.

how i've been upgrading my typical texts
hey --> oh hey there!  ...good morning lovely!
whats up --> how's it going?  ...what're you up to?
nm u --> just left work. how's life?
bye --> L8R G8R *insert alligator emoji* ...gotta run, but i'll talk to you later
k  --> okay, sounds good ...okay, just let me know ...okey dokey artichokey (lol, i've never used that last one, but i might just start)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the importance of a signature scent

do you have a signature scent?  for the past five years i've been a huge fan of alien by Thierry Mugler.  it is so flirty and unique.  whenever i wear it, i receive so many compliments from friends, family, and strangers alike.  i even got my sister and college roommate to start wearing it regularly!

i'm thrilled that i found a perfume that works well with my body chemistry.  scent evokes such strong memories and emotions.  whenever i smell chanel no 5 i instantly think of my grandmother.  similarly, a&f fierce will forever and always remind me of my high school boyfriend.

p.s. what should your signature scent actually be?

Monday, September 29, 2014

how I gained 5 pounds in two days

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  MINE WAS VERY EVENTFUL; SO eventful, IN FACT, THAT I DIDN'T STOP TO TAKE ANY PICTURES EXCEPT FOR THE ONE ABOVE (NOTE THE GATORADE: A HANGOVER ESSENTIAL). And yes, as the title of this post suggests I managed to gain FIVE pounds!!!  a few buzzwords from my trip to boston include:
drunk jeopardy playing. Nail painting. early morning tailgating. cornholing. mimosa drinking. burger grilling. beer shotgunning. Wine tasting. fence climbing. surprise engagement partying. Balloon blowing. Streamer hanging. Cake throwing. Ice luge-ing. Champagne toasting. brunching. wild Dancing. TINDERING. Breakfast eating. Gatorade chugging. Book clubbing.
it was a great time with greaT people!  as you can probably infer, food journaling kindaaa sorta definitely took the back seat this weekend.  i did, however, track consistently monday through friday! add me on myfitnesspal: anidanielle

Friday, September 26, 2014

happy friday!

what do you have planned for this weekend?  i am heading up to massachusetts tomorrow for a boston college tailgate. go eagles!  here are a few links that sparked my fancy from around the internets:

seven sentences that sound crazy but are still grammatical

i'm really liking this ll bean rain jacket in black

lena dunham hilariously candidly interviews mindy kaling

to remember for my birthday next month

i bought a pair of nine west black over-the-knee boots.  i usually don't buy trendy pieces, but i'm kinda obsessed.  i especially love this olivia palermo look.

vogue's fall 2014 movie guide

(photo from my instagram #shamelessplug)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

the perfect fall dvr schedule

earlier this week, i listed a few of my favorite things about autumn, but i totally forgot to mention the tv shows!  my dvr is in overdrive right now, and i absolutely love it!  here are my favorite, must-see shows this season:

the mindy project - tuesdays at 9:30pm on fox
when people ask me what i want to be when i grow up, my first-instinct response is “mindy lahari” she is smart, witty, and oh so funny. not to mention she lives in a gorgeous new york city apartment, wears gorgeous clothes, and dates gorgeous men. what’s not to love!? if you haven't seen this show, go watch it!

modern family - wednesdays at 9pm on abc
i rarely laugh when watching shows solo.  modern family is the exception. this show is consistently laugh out loud funny.

new girl - tuesdays at 9pm on fox
jessica dey is my spirit animal. her quirkiness reminds me of my quirkiness. i can totally picture being bff's with all of the main characters.  plus this show totally makes me want to live in a loft with three male roommates.

honorable mentions:
the big bang theory - mondays at 8pm on cbs
american horror story- wednesdays at 10pm on fx
scandal - thursdays at 9pm on abc

what are your favorite fall tv shows?